Sunday, February 26, 2012

"He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough."

It was a relaxed day in Queretaro for Joan, Tom and Bill and a busy day exploring out of state for Mary, Karen, Carol and Libby. Santospicked up the four travelers for a beautiful drive to Guanajuato. His knowledge and patience enhanced our trip through the fertile valley filled with farms and ranches producing a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers and livestock. It was very difficult to resist the “frecas y chema.”

We entered the lovely old silver-mining city of Guanajuatothrough the tunnels after leaving the road. We took the funicular up to the Pipita monument to see the view and then descended for lunch on the triangular “square”—accompanied by wonderful live music. After lunch we explored on foot, visiting the Basilica, Diego Rivera’s house and the large Mercado—enjoying the colorful houses and narrow streets along the way.

We returned to Queretaro city just in time to see the impressive international parade celebrating the diversity of the city’s inhabitants—and to share a pizza and Academy Awards gathering with Pam and Sara, who had returned from their weekend in Posos.