Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Be prepared, stay cool, and enjoy opportunities."

Our group disbursed in many directions on Saturday—Pam and Sara to Posos; Lori and Toby were in San Miguel de Allende enjoying water painting classes. Pam (team member) left for the airport Saturday morning. Tom, Bill and Joan stayed in Queretaro and Karen, Libby and Carol were driven to Bernal by our UTEQ driver, Santos.

Our visit to Bernal, its pena, and Tequisquiapon was splendid. In Bernal, Santos threaded his way through the twisted streets, around construction and up the steep hill to the highest auto access and the pena, which dominates the town was right in front of us. The air was noticeably colder and very clear. Santos pointed out hikers far above us on the trail of the “big rock” and then led us through various market stalls where he identified the mineral resources of the area and showed us the villagers’handicrafts. Chilled by the brisk breeze, we drove into central Bernal to explore the busy village square and beautiful silver, pottery and weaving goods. At Santos’ urging, we delved beyond the sales area of the weaving shop to find many looms set up, dye vats ready and weavers busy making the fabrics and hangings we had seen in the sales area. The square’s colorful buildings, lush trees, many shoppers and amusing street performers, with the pena prominent in the background completed the scene.

Our busy day was concluded by a visit to Tequisquiapon, where we enjoyed a late lunch at La Charmusia (the coffee cake company), and a walk through the busy artist’s and goods mercados.