Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We began our second day of night classes with breakfast at the Express. We missed smiling Sara, who had to return home for an urgent family situation.

We scattered and then re-gathered for a hearty lunch at Café del Fondo before heading off to class on the van with Antonio. Classes were varied and stimulating. Volunteers again noted that many night students were working, some for international companies. For some, their work intensified their desire to speak English well. Wednesday brought a return to daytime classes starting at 8 am after a van ride brightened by the opportunity to practice songs for our party for the teachers. The songs have “familiar” melodies with lyrics provided by Tom, lyricist extraordinaire.

The volunteers have been energized daily and nightly by eager, enthusiastic students. Today, however, was a more special day in many classes: students came with a multitude of treats—food, food, food, from spicy to sweet, posters, signs, songs sung by costumed students accompanied by student guitarists, even a piñata. Credit for inspiring the students goes to teachers, especially Paty and Paloma. Another excellent day!